Best quick lunch spots around the Atlantic Seaboard

I tend to walk, cycle and run along the Atlantic Seaboard in Cape Town. Whether it’s to enjoy the calming promenade or for some necessary grocery shopping at the many options of supermarkets. The Main Road is filled with endless coffee shops and sandwich places. Every time I try and stop somewhere to discover what is on offer. Most of the time people here are on the road, either on a break from work or preparing for a hike or cycle. Here are a few lunch spots that I find particularly worthwhile:

1. Giovanni’s Deli, Green Point

Perhaps Giovanni’s can call itself the most famous deli in Cape Town. Frequently visited by the Hollywood celebrities (Daniel Craig, Claire Danes, Penelope Cruz have been spotted!), it’s a hub for the ‘see and be seen’ in Cape Town. Often filled by regulars, maybe it’s not the most ideal place for a sit down, since it’s never quiet and seating areas are limited. My preference is mostly take-away. However, the ingredients on offer make it the best spot to grab a quick sandwich. One of the few places that offer to make your own sandwich or have such a large variety of warm lunches ready to eat, Giovanni’s takes an easy spot on this list. I always get some cheeses and ham here, and their rolls are pretty great.

2. Knead Bakery, Sea Point

Knead is a well-known name in Cape Town. No surprise, considering there are six of them in the city. The Sea Point venue is the youngest, and is a classic pleasant lunch spot. Simple, fresh ingredients and most likely the best bread you can find (they bake fresh every day!), Knead is a top spot for a quick lunch sit down. Oh, and they have pastries to go too. Yes please!

3. Kleinsky’s Delicatessen, Sea Point

Kleinsky’s, a little spot at the end of Main Road, is a unique one to visit. This New York style hipster cafe offers Jewish food (kosher and non-kosher) with a modern twist. The bagels are as fresh as the ingredients, and regular specials are not found anywhere else in the city. I recently had a lamb bacon bagel, and it was delicious. The contemporary interior is so pleasant to sit in, I’d definitely suggest a lunch visit in the near future.

Giovannis Deli (*Giovannis is so cool they don’t have a website)
103 Main Road, Green Point

76 Regent St, Sea Point

95 Regent St, Sea Point

(Photo Credit: Knead Bakery)

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