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Experienced: Coffee Course at Truth Coffee

Yesterday, I was invited (by Zomato) to attend a coffee course at Truth Coffee in Cape Town, recently awarded the best coffee shop in the world. This Steampunk coffee house not only understands the true art and meaning of coffee, it distributes and sells top quality coffee all over the country. On top of that, they have a barista school, because David Donde (the owner) knows that great coffee beans don’t make good coffee. Barista’s do.

Along with many other foodies we were given a glance behind the scenes of Truth’s coffee emporium. Like getting the ability to enter Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, Willie himself (David) taught us about his enterprise, his upbringing (he fell into a giant coffee pot as baby….ok fine I made that up), and the passion that he shares for achieving the best cup of coffee.

David Donde

During the course, David explained (and debunked) the myths behind good coffee, showed us the intricacies of the coffee making process and how we, the appreciator, can spot the best cup and best barista. As coffee evolves and more technologies come available to enhance the perfect cup, we realized that true craftsmanship and understanding is needed to serve the most popular beverage in the world.

Afterwards, we got to taste (and slurp!) different types of coffee, and make the different coffees ourselves, guided by award winning baristas. As I bounced my way out of Truth (I don’t consume that much caffeine regularly), I knew now that the art of coffee requires true in-depth knowledge and technical abilities. Where better to learn than from the masters themselves.

Watch it Cape Town, because I now possess the knowledge of a true starting connoisseur. Thank you David, Truth and Zomato for the great course!

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  1. Truth coffee is really an amazing place. David has really placed South Africa on the worldwide coffee map with his incredible drive and amazing steampunk themed coffee shop. The place where drinking a cup of coffee is an unforgettable experience.

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