Experienced: Cooking with a group at UCook Dining

Last week, I was fortunate enough to be invited by a friend to UCook’s unique dining events in partnership with Swift Studios. To quickly explain the concept: Swift hosted a cooking space in their for-sale apartments, got Ucook to provide ingredients and a recipe (and wine!) and groups were assigned an apartment plus dish for the evening. When all was finished, all groups came together to enjoy the dishes everyone had prepared.

So after getting acquainted with the 20+ or so fellow diners, we got our group assigned and prepared our dish in our designated apartment. Every group had a head chef, who coordinated the cooking (which obviously had a time limit) and considering our chickpea curry and rice dish, we had an easy task for the evening. Other groups, for instance those with a risotto to cook for twenty people, had a bit more work on their hands.

UCook provided a nice assembly of ingredients and a clear recipe. This was the first time I was made aware of their delivery concept in Cape Town, but considering the ease and variety of dishes on offer, I’m glad to see there is a service out there that invigorates our passion for cooking.


With our unlimited wine supply and background music, it wasn’t hard to remain frivolous and enjoy the good vibes at the event, and we all seemed skilled enough to keep a clear head and finish our dishes on time. At the end, all of us came together and the dishes were judged by means of applause.


I’m a big fan of these concepts, as they not only encourage people to come together and cook, but they combine a great social atmosphere with appreciating home-made food of those you are acquainted with, and those that you still have to learn to know. In the process. I hear the Swift Studios had great success promoting their apartments, and UCook was able to show that cooking can be made easy. I hopeĀ I get to do it again soon!

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