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Mimi Moto: The clean and safe stove for townships initiative

This week I was invited to a workshop demonstration of the Mimi Moto, a revolutionary new stove to provide a clean and safe cooking alternative for South African townships.

Lots of households still use expensive charcoal or paraffin cooking stoves that not only cause many shack fires but also threaten the health of its users with toxic smoke. With over 45,000 shack fires occurring annually in South Africa, and many casualties through toxic smoke, one might say this is a major problem.

The Mimi Moto, awarded the ‘Best Stove’ by the UN Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, is a forced air gasifier stove that burns small wood pallets to create a clean flame. Not only is this stove much safer (you can even hold it while it’s on!), cleaner (no toxic smoke) and cheaper, it also works on a small rechargeable battery and is transformable into a heater! I mean, how nifty is that?

Heater Mimi Moto

I was blown away by the inventiveness of this new stove, and the research team and ambassadors for this new stove are doing great work in getting the stoves into the townships.

I’m proud to be one of the ambassadors for the Mimi Moto Stove and their Clean Cooking Revolution Campaign in South Africa. It’s also great to hear they’ve partnered up with many top chefs and restaurants to promote their initiative.

I would like to ask you to help making a difference by promoting this great cause, and if you wanna join a vast array of master chefs and be a true hero, you can also become an ambassador by getting in touch with them on their site, here

Check out for more information, and spread the word!

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