Review: Bocca, because pizza can be THAT good

If you crave pizza, there are many places in Cape Town to pick from. I tend to keep it easy on the pizza, considering I still need to keep a figure in some way or another, but since the pizzas have become more sophisticated and healthier, I can be found trying the newest pizzas on a regular basis. For a long time, Big Route’s Maremoto with extra avo was the pizza to beat for me, as it provided such a great mix between chili, garlic, chorizo and avo on a crispy thin dough. And I still put it in my top pizza picks.

Bocca is a fantastic contender. The Bree Street corner establishment offers quality pizza with pride. In the beautifully decorated contemporary restaurant, the kitchen is completely open.You can see the chefs adding ingredients to your base just before it hits the hand-built pizza over (from Napels!), and they add unique ingredients like kimchi, pork belly and truffle spread to their topping list. During my first visit last year, I was convinced by a friend to just order a margherita (something I would consider a boring option) and I was amazed by how much depth and flavour it possessed.

Bocca is an absolute top choice for pizza, and considering they don’t take reservations, it seems they are also fully aware of that

5/5 on a scale of pizza

Corner of Bree & Wale St, Cape Town

(Photograph: Bocca)


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