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Review: Breakfast at Dapper in Bree Street

If you walk or drive past Dapper in Bree Street, you’ll most likely look twice, and even with a single glance, you are surely to remember the place. There are a gazillion new kids on the block these days, but Dapper Coffee Co., as it is fully named, is not just a coffee and breakfast/lunch place, it is also a showroom of luxury cars. So while you have a chance to drool staring at a vintage Ferrari or classic Porsche, you might as well grab a seat and order some food in the process.

Dapper Bree Street

Smart move, Dapper, although there is plenty to enjoy for those who are not into car porn. As the name suggests, the coffee place is definitely about show, but it also has plenty of substance. The modern wooden bar, the open plan interior and handy outside seating area all look pretty slick, and the menu offers great original dishes with fresh produce alongside their good selection of coffee.

Dapper Coffee Co

I had a breakfast there this morning, and decided to sit outside at the bar. It was a late morning, so I could use a fulfilling meal. With my cappuccino I decided to order the Tuscan Baked Eggs, Tomato Fondue and Sourdough Toast. Little did I know I was in for such a treat. Served in a little pan, the dish was gorgeous for the eye, but even more kind to the taste buds. Absolutely wonderful. Take that English Breakfast!

Dapper Coffee Co Breakfast

Now that I had a teaser of Dapper’s quality food, my appetite for a return visit is definitely sparked. So while I might not be all things car, I’ll happily have a pit stop at this new hot and happening on the corner of Strand and Bree. I suggest you do too.

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P.S. Dapper, please put your menu on your website? No reason to be shy about your food 😉

Dapper Car

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