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Review: Burger at Mondiall (CTFoodChallenge)

For our third contestant in our search for the best burger in Cape Town with InstaEats and iLoveFoodies (You can find contestant one here and two here), we visited Mondiall in the Waterfront, as talk is going around town about their Wagyu beef burger being one of the cities best. You’ve spoken, we listened. It was time to try it ourselves.

As you know, I’ve raved about Mondiall before, in that case particularly about their steak, but since we’ve been treated with burgers everywhere recently (my belly tries not to show it), it would be certainly tougher to be completely wowed by a burger in yet another instance.

This was until I tasted Mondiall’s Wagyu beef burger. That patty packs so much flavour, and the meat has that perfect grill taste along with the basting. Together with a soft bun (unfortunately not toasted, make it happen Mondiall!) and its basic additions, the burger really speaks to you. Trust me, nothing else matters once you’ve started to indulge yourself in this incredibly crafted combination. It is an absolute delight.

Once I finished the burger and got my hands on the super crispy truffle fries that accompanied my treat, I looked around to others who ordered the Wagyu beef burger and took their first bite. Their eyes widened, and upon the realisation of what they were consuming, they too became immersed in conversation with their food. Mondiall’s burger really is an experience not to be missed.

Now I could elaborate more on Mondiall’s great interior, their top-notch service and ridiculously beautiful view, but it doesn’t matter anymore. They could serve this from a container and I would tell you to pay a visit. This burger really speaks for itself, and I urge you to try it.

In our contest to find the best burger in Cape Town, Mondiall really did enter the main stage with a show. Will it be enough to take the top spot? Find out soon enough!

Are you keen to know who we visit next? (There’s one more very popular burger place to go!). And what would you suggest? Follow me on Twitter and Instagram, the #CTFoodChallenge on social media, and keep track of my foodie friends here:



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