Bacon on Bree

Review: For the love of bacon, there is Bacon on Bree

Bree Street has been a hotspot for culinary development this year, and Bacon on Bree is one of the more recent additions to Cape Town’s hippest street. A small lunch place on top of Bree, the place serves exactly what the title suggests. Bacon, and a lot more bacon.

Considering the minimal interior and simplistic design, Bacon on Bree has decided to let the food speak for itself. Having the bacon come from naturally bred pigs from local farms, the restaurant strives to give you the best of their key ingredient.

The crispy meat is served with a variety of sandwich combinations, ranging from kaiser rolls topped with fried egg, bacon and chili garlic sauce to sweet croissants with macadamia nut honey butter and crispy bacon slices. They even have bacon sauce for chicken wings, and bacon jam! (yes, this exists).

When I visited, I had a ‘Salma Hayek’, a bun with bacon, avo, cream cheese, lettuce and Mexican hot sauce. The meat was so flavorful and crispy I finished the whole sandwich without blinking once. The venue might lack the coziness to sit there for long, and I’d suggest doing a take-away on my next visit, but when I left the place I was absolutely fulfilled, and actually can not wait to come back for seconds.

Score: 5/5 on a scale of Bacon

Bacon on Bree (open for breakfast & lunch hours)
217 Bree Street
021 422 2798

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