Review: Kloof Street House

In all the years filling my belly in Cape Town, I’ve had many regulars to soothe my eating moods. This all depends on what cuisine I’m craving, and how stretched my savings account is of course. There is plenty of comfort and exotic food in the city, and fine dining options are profuse. Then there are the places that provide contemporary cuisine in an enjoyable atmosphere. I’m thinking the Beluga’s, La Boheme’s and Societi Bistro’s all have an edge of sophistication and interior that makes them fall into this category. Kloof Street House is one of those too, and I’ve come to visit this restaurant on many occasions.

Promoted as an ‘eclectic experience’, Kloof Street House, hosted in a Victorian House with a beautiful garden, is classical chique in look, and downright homey in feel. Perhaps that’s what attracts me most. The welcoming feel and warmth it oozes from both the garden and indoor atmosphere. They have quality food too, ranging from an Osso Bucco, a Wagyu Beef Burger or a stunning Bouillabaisse. My favorite is the Moroccan Spiced Lamb with Herbed Couscous, or their well-prepared Fish of the Day dishes. On two occasions I visited for a brunch, and had one of the best Croque Madames of my life.

You might notice it comes with a bit of waiting time in peak hours (it’s very popular!), but the food is worth the wait. Oh, and don’t forget to try the salted caramel cheesecake if you have space left for dessert.

Kloof Street House is one my favorite regulars, and if you like contemporary food in a setting where you want to feel right at home, this is your place to be.

(pssst. it’s also GREAT for a date night)

5/5 on a scale of regular visits 🙂

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