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Review: Loaves on Long

I am very particular when it comes to bread. Perhaps my knowledge of bread is more established than other foods. I’ve relished great breads in baked good particular nations such as France, the Netherlands and even Italy. Bread is the type of food that can make or break a lunch for me, and no matter how good your ingredients are, no one desires a soggy dough or tough-as-brick piece of bread. I am always on the lookout for tasteful rolls, buttery croissants, fulfilling paninis and cracking toast, anywhere I go.

In Cape Town, my quest for good bread has directed me to bakeries in Bellville, Woodstock and the CBD (and you can still count all of them on one hand). I always admire lunch places who decide to make their own bread, like Jason’s in Bree Street. When I passed by Loaves on Long (Street), I met up with Ciska Rossouw, who shares a great passion for baking bread. As a former head pastry chef at Eat Out Top 20’s Jordan Estate, she definitely knows her bread, and now fully focuses on this bakery.

The primary focus at Loaves on Long is on fresh, local and quality. This means the breads are baked freshly with local top quality flour, meats (bacon and bresoala) are cured by the shop, jams are produced indoors and additional ingredients are organic. When I entered the shop (I followed my nose here), my eye caught a beautiful macadamia, honey and pear loaf, and delicious looking chocolate croissants.

Upstairs, I found a quaint and light eating space, and was lucky to catch some sunshine on their little outside terrace. I ordered a sourdough sandwich with the home-cured bresoala, pickled tomatoes, grated boerenkaas, rocket and aioli. While I waited, a little cup of crispy homemade melba toast served as an appetizer. The sandwich turned out to be delicious, as the sourdough was so fresh and bresoala incredibly tasty.

Ciska and her staff were very attentive, and their passion for food is soon expanding as they plan to produce their own cheese as well. Later this year, (LoL is still very young) Loaves on Long will also provide alcoholic beverages (no doubt with additional late afternoon snacks) and Ciska is also giving baking classes. How great is that!

So, if you want to taste the better side of bread in Cape Town, and appreciate the unique flavors of locally produced quality food in the heart of the city, definitely give Loaves on Long a visit.

4/5 on a scale of bakeries

Loaves on Long Website
33 Long Street, CBD
021 422 3353

(photo: Loaves on Long’s FB)

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