Review: Mezepoli, Camps Bay

Not often can I be found at the Camps Bay strip for dinner. Always packed in summer, I tend to roam the more calm city centre-side for my eating out experiences. I had heard of Mezepoli, an urban-style modern restaurant with Mediterranean tapas (meze), and last night I finally got to experience it first hand.

Its clean and spacious interior is quite welcoming, and while most Greek restaurants have a more conservative look, Mezepoli is a modern-day sleek establishment. The restaurant prides itself with pret a manger (‘ready to eat’ in fancy French 😉 ) meze dishes, small bites with a Mediterranean flavor.

Think of things like Pita and dips, Keftethes, Yiros, Falafel and Croquettes. In case you have a picky taste, there’s no need to worry at Mezepoli. They have an incredible variety on offer (and they know their wine pairing!)



I got to taste everything last night (yes, I had to be forklifted out of the venue), and the little platters that were continuously placed on the table were empty in no time. There is plenty of attention to detail put into the food, judging from the delicious feta stuffed calamari and superbly spiced meatballs I stuffed into my face. For an ocean view restaurant (we even had the salty fog coming in last night) the seafood is also on point. For dessert there was Baklava and ice cream. That sugary delight was just too hard to resist.


In addition to being in the company of a great group of friends who shared my passion for food, the warm atmosphere and kind staff created a lovely experience for all of us at the restaurant. So, if you find yourself enjoying yet another pitch-perfect sunset at Camps Bay, and want a taste of the Mediterranean whilst sharing some good wines, I definitely suggest Mezepoli for dinner. My special thanks goes out to host Benike from I Love Foodies who got us all together!

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