Nomad Fusion Bistro

Review: Nomad Bistro

Newcomer Nomad has come to the CBD with a fairly unique approach. Quite boldly it has decided to wow its urban surroundings with something different. And different it is. Set right around the corner from Bree Street, a street that these days functions as one long streetfood and burger competition, this casual open-plan city venue offers a fusion-based french cuisine menu. Yes, you read that correctly.

Nomad Fusion Bistro

Last Saturday I arrived for a taster brunch (which in itself is new to me as I try and eat at least four times a day), consisting of 4 menu dishes presented in a miniature version. Owners Mohit and Mardia have just opened the venue, and Mohit proudly showed me his first art work on the wall he has arranged to display on First Thursdays. Aside from the art, the restaurant uses mainly wood to create a casual, open, and worldly atmosphere. Nomad seems like your average modern coffee joint, no fuss and no flair. But the dishes proved otherwise.

Presented in true fancy fashion were, in order, a Croque Monsieur, Pork Belly with a cider reduction, Roast Beef Flatbread with a red wine reduction and Crepe Suzette with Armagnac and creme. This particularly fancy brunch soothed the senses, as the produce had been given quite the attention to detail. This was highlighted by the quality of the Gruyere cheese and Black Forest ham in the (often simplified) Croque Monsieur, the pickled ginger that sided the pork and the quality feta on the flatbread. Chef and co-owner Mardia definitely knows her game.

Nomad Croque Monsieur
Croque Monsieur
Pork Belly Nomad
Pork Belly
Nomad Roast Beef Flatbread
Roast Beef Flatbread
Crepe Suzette Nomad
Crepe Suzette

The food was a particular treat, and although we had some significant pauses between the courses, the wait was definitely worth it. What surprised me was that these specific dishes would most likely be served at a more fancy establishment, and while Nomad oozes a more laid-back casual atmosphere, this might be something to get used to for its more spontaneous visitors.

For those who want to bypass some of the more casual street food establishments in the CBD, and perhaps would like a more refined menu for a very comfortable price, Nomad Bistro is definitely worth a try. I do believe the venue still needs to find a bit more personality, but the food is at least already speaking for itself.


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