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Since the Bree Street restaurant development is still in full swing, it’s hard to keep up with all the new places that are showing up. Since my six pack is still nowhere to be found after a few good months of foodie delights (including a Burger challenge!) I decided to check out Ravish, the healthiest place on Bree.

As a Gourmet Health Cafe, Ravish is keeping up with current movements towards a more conscious diet. The popularity of Nu Cafe and the likes has shown that Cape Town is all about contrasting their human sized rump steaks and beer consumption with the occasional health smoothie and organic salads. I wondered whether Ravish would just throw kale and chickpeas at me from the get go, but they seem to have a nice menu for those with subsequent carnivorous needs (read: me)

Their menu offers a variety of responsible looking meals, including breakfasts such as Power Eggs (eggs with power I presume) and Float your Oats to lunch Salads and Wraps with exotic sounding ingredients such as sorghum, chia seeds, goji berries, coconut flakes and quinoa. I already felt healthy just reading the menu.

Salad Ravish
Please Treasure Salad

That doesn’t mean you have to do vegan paddle-board tantrum yoga to fit in, as they also have a bunless beef burgers and free range chicken salads for those who haven’t completely moved over to the kale side. I decided on the Pleasure Treasure, not because it sounded erotic, but mainly because it offered a balanced salad with chicken, avo (I’ll have avo anytime, anywhere), cucumber, tomatoes, sprouts, basil, chard, quinoa and roasted sunflower seeds. This was all topped with a honey & dijon mustard dressing.

Ravish Burger
The Bun-Less Burger

The salad? Great, huge portion packed with flavour. It also looked good and I felt healthier with every bite. My friend’s bunless burger was also a delight, topped with caramelized onion, aioli, roasted tomatoes and mushrooms. I am having that next time for sure. The interior? Ravish looks very cool, it’s spacious and has plenty of character. The service? Not so spectacular. We were not really attended to with much interest, and unless you are a 100 seater with constant traffic, I don’t see why anyone has to pay and order up front at the counter.

I really like that Bree has a healthy competitor, and that the lower part of the street is getting such impulse. Go check Ravish out for a healthy breakfast or lunch!

You can find them on 7-11 Bree Street in the CBD

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