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Review: Rick’s Cafe Americain

As a big fan of the movie Casablanca, having an actual Rick’s Cafe in Cape Town is a pretty promising idea. The movie, taking place in a stylish restaurant in Morocco’s Casablanca, is a true American classic with a romantic premise. Rick’s Cafe is filled with small odes to the movie, with posters on the wall and a Moroccan spiced menu.

Moroccan food always pleases my senses, and I can be found cooking tagines on a regular basis. Rick’s Cafe, with its old house structure, has a very cozy fireplace living room downstairs area and a lovely comfortable roof deck on top. This makes it ideal for summer drinks and snacks on a hot day, and a comforting winter visit for the fireplace and a warming stew.

I was lucky to visit Rick’s on a cold and rainy day, so the winter feel was at its finest. My waiter recommended the Springbok Tagine to me, my companion ordered a Falafel Pita. Both portions were very generous (we both left with a doggy bag), and the dishes were well-spiced, comfortable in extras (vegetables etc), and super tasty. Despite the service sometimes being a bit of a letdown on earlier visits, the staff were very attentive and speedy on this occasion. Perhaps the only remark is the ‘smoking area’, a bit outdated to have in a restaurant these days.

I don’t think there are many places with consistent, casual Moroccan food such as Rick’s Cafe in Cape Town, and considering the fact it’s also very well priced, generously portioned and nestled in a cozy setting, it’s definitely worth a visit.

4/5 on a scale of Moroccan comfort

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