Review: Spasie’s Chef’s Table (Restaurant Week)

I’m aware that I have reviewed Spasie before (for Pocket Watch Wednesday’s, here), but since this underground restaurant in Bo-Kaap has such different type of dining nights with new chefs hosting menus on a weekly basis, I might as well consider this a brand new assessment.

Last Thursday, I joined Spasie for their Chef’s Table experience hosted by chef Nicolas Charalambous. These nights generally offer a five course tasting menu with wine pairing, but for my Restaurant Week special I was treated to a ‘Chef’s Table lite’, so to speak. This still consisted of 3 full courses and our wines were ordered separately from the bar.

As I’ve spoken before about the ambiance at Spasie, I won’t elaborate too much this time. In summary, it’s really great. The rectangle living room space is filled with a social table dining setting, meaning you eat with strangers at the same table. On this occasion, the set-up is slightly more formal than on Pocket Watch Wednesday’s, and the board games have been replaced with more elaborate table decoration.

chef Spasie

As we sat on one long table with all other guests, I was slightly concerned how we would be ‘separate’ from the five course guests due to our special arrangement. However, the Spasie staff completely made us at ease during some slightly longer waits (we received a complementary glass of, might I say, fantastic wine), and they made sure we felt just as special as the other diners.

Chef Nicolas Charalambous treated us with a light Cauliflower, Tahini, Dates and Harissa starter, followed by Short-Rib Beef, Leek, Ricotta and Artichoke. For dessert we got a Coconut Panna Cotta with Strawberry and Basil, which is probably one of the best dishes I had all year. Aside from the impeccably great tasting food, I have to congratulate the chef on the presentation. All dishes were such a visual treat.

Dessert Spasie

What I love about Spasie is that they find a way to make every dining experience so unique, and there is such infectious enthusiasm oozing from their positive and attentive staff. That makes such a great impact on the diners. The social setting makes it quite special, as you’ll be able to interact with new people who are equally passionate about good food. At the end of the night, everyone who dined with us left with a big smile on their face, and (apologies for sounding cheesy) a few of us even made some new friends along the way. For a great dining experience in Cape Town, Spasie is pretty much the place to be.

5/5 stars for a fantastic dining experience

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