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Review: The Larder Cafe

I don’t usually feel like a celebrity, but when the former private chef of Johnny Depp invites you for a lunch, there’s no escaping that feeling of exclusivity. I visited the Larder last Friday, and was joined by owner Sonja at this very unique place. I always look for character in a restaurant, and Sonja has definitely made this her own.

The Larder breathes a feeling of invited coziness and its quaint interior gives you a hint of creativity and quirkiness. Little lamps made with cheese graters and decorations made of coffee filters light up the place beautifully. Sonja has a very straightforward approach with her food. She designs healthy, organic dishes with a homemade feel. Weekly changing specials and specific themed night suppers are no surprise here. It felt like stepping into my mothers kitchen.

THe Larder Cafe

Larder Cafe

What did we try? I had a spicy roasted red pepper and smoked paprika soup, topped with toasted seeds. It does give you quite a nice kick (the good kind) because of the chili, and I cooled it down after with her homemade flatbread topped with guacamole, chorizo and feta. There is a clear attention to good produce at the Larder, which was proven by the butter chicken curry I tried as well. Everything felt so fresh and healthy! With a whole range of sweetness on offer, the brownie was the highlight of the lunch, since I haven’t been so lovestruck on a dessert like that in a while. What a treat!

Flatbread at the Larder
Homemade flatbread with feta, chorizo and guacamole
Larder Butter Chicken
Butter Chicken Curry
brownie the larder
The OMG Brownie

While the stiff Southern Suburbs might have to get used to the quirky liveliness of Sonja and her cafe, one might secretly hope that there is a space in Woodstock for the next Larder to settle down. This is a cafe that oozes a true passion for creativity and food, and its unique approach would provide a welcome addition to Cape Town’s central areas.

More exciting are the newly initiated supper club nights, where the Larder serves you a whole roast chicken at your table to carve, or you can feast on special curry nights during the week. I’m already gathering a group as we speak, and am looking forward to returning to the Larder Cafe very soon 🙂

Visit the Larder’s website, here

Photos: Mark Wijsman (Dineguy)

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