Review: Woodies Burgers (CTFoodChallenge)

For all the years I’ve lived in Cape Town, I’ve always been confronted with the burger discussion.¬†When you consider that on Bree Street alone you can eat a burger at more than 10 different establishments, one can conclude that this city has made burgers its main staple.

Together with the guys from Instaeats and the lovely lady from ILoveFoodies, we decided that it was time to combine our foodie forces and find ourselves some serious challenges in the city. What does it entail? We will listen to you of course, the readers and followers, in establishing a shortlist of places we should go. Then we go into sleepless nights and cutthroat discussions in deciding which ones we liked best. We call it the Cape Town Food Challenge.

What better way to start than with Cape Town’s toughest category yet: The Burgers

With a gazillion burger places out there, we listened to the voters and, based on that communal decision, shortlisted a few popular burger places we will visit this month. Which ones? You’ll have to follow us to find out!

The first one? Woodies, in the V&A Waterfront.

Woodies Cape TOwn

A popular development we’ve seen in recent Cape Town’s culinary scene, is making what we know as street food into glossy and glamorous dishes. The first thing you’ll notice about Woodies, is that they do no such thing. Its bravoure strikes you with immediate confidence: Woodies: Best Damn Burger, the sign says. The concept? Forget the dressing up, here’s a down to earth class burger with great meat packed with flavour, nice toppings and a simple bun. The result might not look that pretty, but it sure packs a punch.

Woodies Burger

In my opinion, Woodies got this approach exactly right. The burger I was treated to was a mushroom burger with two (!) patties and plenty of sauce. It was not only ginormous but also incredibly flavourful. The spicy chili induced sauce we tried ahead of the burger with the pepper flavoured chips was great (needed a beer to cool down though, ariba!), and used plenty of napkins to clear up the damage from the massive burger, but in this case it all worked perfectly. Simple, down to earth with a focus on the food, Woodies is a cool place upstairs in the Werf Market you should go and check out!

The brave first contender of our burger challenge started us off with a bang, and be sure to follow us on social media to keep track of our verdicts and rankings in the next few weeks!

Who do we visit next week? Check out #CTFoodChallenge

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Photo Credit: Francis Gerbach (GGPops/InstaEatsCT)

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